We have to find our place in the world

We are all trying to find our place in the world. Some of us have found it. Some thought they found it and then suddenly, things fall apart. Our beliefs or systems can support us but we have to find the answers within.

It is fascinating that we all have individual talents and interests. They are ready to be used. As soon as we found out who we are, what we can and want to achieve, we can start to learn and to focus on our visions. In the end, no one wants to live a life where no goals have been achieved.

We want to be happy and to live a meaningful life. For ourselves and for others. The more freedom we have, the more possibilities are around us. We need to find our heroes and role models. There is so much to learn from them. Everything we want to achieve has already been here in a similar way, it is our task to add our flavours and colours to it. We are able to push boundaries, to invent new things. We can stand up and set a sign.

We are unique, we are powerful, we are loved.


Author: Jen

Hello! My name is Jen. I'm a German student and writer. I created this blog to share my travel experiences, photography and poetry with the world!

2 thoughts on “We have to find our place in the world”

  1. I love your writing.

    My “place in the world”? I believe that if I am centered, open, and ready, moment to moment, I can live in a strong and effective way. If I can find and hold my sense of self, my actions and choices will be right. In this sense, where I am right now is my “place.”

    A very thought provoking post.

    Thank you.


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