What makes you human?

Today, I had to deal with an insurance agent who spoke the language of status, power and wealth. He was playing his role quite well and tried to convince me that I am a day dreamer.
But I promised myself that I will walk the path of love, humanity and freedom.
People will always try to crush me, but I won’t change for anybody.

People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards, but deep down they wish that they had the courage to do the same.

We should not ask “How much do you earn?”, we should ask “What makes you human?”


Author: Jen

Hello! My name is Jen. I'm a German student and writer. I created this blog to share my travel experiences, photography and poetry with the world!

6 thoughts on “What makes you human?”

  1. I am happy to hear that you stayed on your path.. we are always tested to see if we will cave. Darkness hates love and kindness and in situations like the one you encountered you have to look at the agent and see that it is he who is struggling to feel worth that is why he acts as he does. say a prayer for him to find his value.

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