How do you explain to your children

That politicians are not there to protect them
But to make a pact with the devil

That they have to eat poison and GM foods
As if it’s unquestionable

That other children have to experience nightmares
With wide-opened eyes

That their personal data is going to be sold
To make a profit out of their lives

That the sea level is on the rise
Forests are burning

That people take alcohol, tablets, drugs
That they are hurting

They hurt each other and themselves
And live on as if it was normal

As if everything is okay
And they would be immortal

So many spread hatred, instead of love
All they want is power and money

They do not build a better future
Because they do not care about anybody


6 thoughts on “How do you explain to your children

  1. One must not lie to the youth, for that is part of the problem – let the truth be your guide, and your personal discretion as to how detailed or explicit you ought to be about the world (I am not saying YOU personally, but in general). I think lying to kids only creates a bigger problem; it attempts to sugar coat demonic acts which inevitably lead to illusions about the world. Either youth will later discover they grew up in a giant lie which anger, confusion, etc will commence, or they will spend the rest of their lies trying to sugar coat reality.

    That is my initial response anyway.



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