Irrationality: the USA and North Korea

In an interview with Reuters, Trump said about Kim: “I hope he’s rational.”
Seriously? How rational is it to order a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula? Was Trump’s preemptive strike in Syria rational?

I don’t think that Kim’s behavior is better than Trump’s, but news outlets do not report about the history of the Korean conflict. It is very complicated, and both Korean states made mistakes. Millions of people have lost their lives for no reason. It is important to stay calm and bring Korean people closer together.

“The outside world can and should encourage the positive changes, such as economic growth, which are happening now in North Korea. Above all, they should seek to expand the sources of information available to the North Korean public. The most hopeful future for North Korea is one of change pushed from below, by a people aware of life outside their country’s borders, regardless of whether that comes because the regime feels the need to make popular concessions to survive, or through outright overthrow of the Kim regime.”

Nobody needs a new war, especially between nations with nuclear weapons. I really hope that more people realize that neither Trump nor Kim behave rational at all. They put the whole world in danger. Every soldier who will fight in this war is only going to suffer. Wars are no solution.


Author: Jen

Hello! My name is Jen. I'm a German student and writer. I created this blog to share my travel experiences, photography and poetry with the world!

3 thoughts on “Irrationality: the USA and North Korea”

  1. Hi Jennifer. Nice piece.
    I confess that I am naive over the History of Korea. But I am sure, Kim knows his limitations and ambitions. Maybe in the wake of continuous intimidation by nuke powered countries, I am sure, every country without nuke power will be savouring a dream to possesses one in order to dictate their terms in fain and square way on world stage. To me, either let every country possess nuke or destroy all to make world much fairer place. And in this manner, I have respect for Russia, despite its menace and violent history, that their past president Gorbachev pushed for proposal (during 1987) to USA president Regan to destroy all nukes. But surely, democratic superpower did not agree. Personally, I wish it to have happened for future. So I am positive Kim is rational in his ambition but, actually, question remains about his attitude towards it. It might sound far fetched but if world population push to destroy all nukes then problem with Iran and N.Korea can be resolved quite diplomatically and with concerted human right movements (As you described).
    According to me, Trump’s preemptive strike to Syria is to keep US war economy going on under presumption of attack in response to Chemical Weapon by Assad regime. Question of Assad using weapon in the wake of gaining ground is Syria is very legitimate and, thus, should be requiring investigation behind chemical weapon. (Just like, there will be thorough investigation for US bombing of a hospital, which tool place a week ago of chemical weapons. Western media broadcasted 4 people to be dead while the true figure was around 245. Don’t know what is happening to that investigation but western media has given up in following up with that.)
    With that, western media is on full power, currently, to create consent in their population for war on North Korea and Syria (Russia & Iran) on the basis of human misery. But, sincerely, if they care so much about human misery then please just open your borders and Assad will have nothing to fight or no one to rule.

  2. Der Wahnsinn macht ja gerade die Runde: Kim Jong Un, Putin, Erdogan, Trump und die ganzen anderen die nur auf ihre Chance warten um auch noch ein bisschen Öl ins Feuer zu gießen. Ich fürchte, dass wird auf einen neuen Weltkrieg hinauslaufen.

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