It’s 2017. It’s time to look forward and to make new plans. The last year was very exciting and full of lessons for me. Here is what I have learned:

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Ossip Mandelstam: The tragic Life of an incredible Poet


Some days ago, I went to the exhibition “Ossip Mandelstam – Wort und Schicksal (word and destiny)” in Heidelberg’s oldtown. The Jewish Russian poet and essayist was a student at Heidelberg University in 1909/10, and it was here that he started writing. His tragic life shows how much our lives are influenced by policy-makers and that beautiful art always finds a way to come to the surface.

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We need new narratives


I studied German and Comparative Literature at the University of Heidelberg. My Bachelor thesis was about the image of Indian women in German literature. A lot of German writers were fascinated by India and thought it would be like a real paradise on Earth. Nevertheless, I found out that writers such as Goethe, Hesse and Mann showed a very one-sided image of Indian women.

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Life is a journey

Step out of your comfort zone and explore the world.
Meet the weirdest people, taste new food, take a look at the darkest corners.
Travel abroad or around your city, hug strangers, learn something every day. Experience your emotions, write down your thoughts, laugh about yourself.
Make compliments, imagine your future-self, wear a different colour.
Observe the nature, take a deeper breath, love yourself and then give your love away…

You can only create what is inside of you.