Surplus. Shallowness. Speed.
They all destroy the happiness of a quiet moment
You only become a driven person who is searching for the next kick
You do not stand still anymore to watch the stars
You do not know when the moon is full
When do the cherry trees begin to blossom? Continue reading “#Life”


I create

my thoughts, my memories, my fantasies

this is who I am
this is who I want to be

the sound of words
the arrangement of letters
the imagination of time and space
people and places

I am free

through writing
I create myself
my own world
how it should be

Between Past and Future

Whenever I tell others »I am a poet«
They look at me as if I am ancient
For them, my mind seems to be like a porcelain cup in an antique shop

Although I read yellowed pages of countless books
And I write some verse
My soul is not filled with memories of better days
I believe in the true meaning of poïesis
“to bring forth something new”

Caught between past and future
My body contains the code of evolution
But my lungs inhale fresh air
Scars on my skin, my dreams at night remind me of my mistakes
At the same time
I try to create a life that no one has ever lived before

How do you explain to your children

That politicians are not there to protect them
But to make a pact with the devil

That they have to eat poison and GM foods
As if it’s unquestionable

That other children have to experience nightmares
With wide-opened eyes

That their personal data is going to be sold
To make a profit out of their lives

That the sea level is on the rise
Forests are burning

That people take alcohol, tablets, drugs
That they are hurting

They hurt each other and themselves
And live on as if it was normal

As if everything is okay
And they would be immortal

So many spread hatred, instead of love
All they want is power and money

They do not build a better future
Because they do not care about anybody