My first Airbnb experience: Lake Como, Italy


I know that there are many rumours about Airbnb nowadays. Just yesterday, there was a news report about changing housing policies in Berlin, because quite a large number of Airbnb hosts rented out their  apartments to tourists without using the apartments for themselves. They lived outside of Berlin, and only wanted to make a profit. In the end, they caused a rise in property prices and a lack of affordable housing in Berlin. I think the new policy is good, but it should not affect “real” hosts who just want to share their apartments with tourists for some days, or rent out their places while they are on holidays.

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My favourite place in Southern Africa: Chobe National Park


It was always my dream to see elephants in wild nature. During a camping tour through Botswana and Zambia, I have found the perfect spot to observe these mighty creatures: the Chobe National Park.
The park is situated in the North of Botswana. The country has the highest elephant population in Africa. You will definitely get to see a lot of elephants!

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