It’s 2017. It’s time to look forward and to make new plans. The last year was very exciting and full of lessons for me. Here is what I have learned:


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The circle of life: We destroy and we heal

Why do we always think about human evolution? Is the human development going further and further? Where to?
In some ways, this might be true. We can invent new things, but I also think that we will reach limits. Machines and robots already have to take over the work that we are not able to do anymore.

Nature is different. It does not go somewhere. Nature goes in circles: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…. sun and moon… the solar system.

It is repetition that shapes our lives. Only by doing things over and over again, we are able to learn. We learn how to walk, to speak, to live. The wisdom is already there. The new, modern, high-tech lifestyle teaches us nothing. We are complete but we are told that we have to become better and better all the time. Although nobody knows where we should go to. The nature is damaged, we eat unhealthy plastic food, we separate us from each other and we stare into screens all the time.

Like nature, human beings are born to live in circles. We destroy and we heal all the time. We destroy ourselves, we destroy others, we destroy the world right now. But we have the opportunity to heal. To heal ourselves, to heal others, to heal the world.