Irrationality: the USA and North Korea

In an interview with Reuters, Trump said about Kim: “I hope he’s rational.”
Seriously? How rational is it to order a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula? Was Trump’s preemptive strike in Syria rational?

I don’t think that Kim’s behavior is better than Trump’s, but news outlets do not report about the history of the Korean conflict. It is very complicated, and both Korean states made mistakes. Millions of people have lost their lives for no reason. It is important to stay calm and bring Korean people closer together. Continue reading “Irrationality: the USA and North Korea”


Collective Reality

From childhood on, we develop our individual personality. Especially, in Western countries it is essential to stand out. To have the best degree, a successful career, the most exciting hobbies and the coolest friends.
At the same time, people are more and more unaware of the collective reality. We are all made of the same substance and guided by the same eternal power. But human beings started to produce their own reality.

This individual reality is a very destructive one. As bigger as societies get, the more they can live independantly and suppress others. They are able to distance themselves from others. To destroy, hate and discriminate them. Divide and Rule.
As long as the world is not a place where equality is possible, the chaos will remain. Without balance, there is insecurity, hunger and depression. Only a collective conciousness is able to prevent the world from a total destruction.

What makes you human?

Today, I had to deal with an insurance agent who spoke the language of status, power and wealth. He was playing his role quite well and tried to convince me that I am a day dreamer.
But I promised myself that I will walk the path of love, humanity and freedom.
People will always try to crush me, but I won’t change for anybody.

People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards, but deep down they wish that they had the courage to do the same.

We should not ask “How much do you earn?”, we should ask “What makes you human?”

Every person reflects you

Through my childhood days, I began to sorround myself with books, movies and music. I felt very close to the rebels of society. The artists and their work spoke to me.
I was inspired by them and needed to find ways to overcome my superficial lifestyle. After my graduation, I moved out of my parent’s house and landed in different corners of the world. I met many people and I had to face myself through them. I had to present myself. I had to find out what they think about me and what we had in common. I understood that we all have the same emotions and face similar problems. And we are drawn to people who are like us.

I found pieces of me in all of my friends, and I realized that we can find them in everyone. Disagreements happen because others don’t act the way we want them to. They are not a copy of us. They are a reflection of us and we are all a reflection of humanity.