Ossip Mandelstam: The tragic Life of an incredible Poet


Some days ago, I went to the exhibition “Ossip Mandelstam – Wort und Schicksal (word and destiny)” in Heidelberg’s oldtown. The Jewish Russian poet and essayist was a student at Heidelberg University in 1909/10, and it was here that he started writing. His tragic life shows how much our lives are influenced by policy-makers and that beautiful art always finds a way to come to the surface.

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In a world full of hate

Can we go on with our lives
and listen to more lies

More violence will never create
a future without hate

Only love, unity and solidarity
can erase disparity


How do you explain to your children

That politicians are not there to protect them
But to make a pact with the devil

That they have to eat poison and GM foods
As if it’s unquestionable

That other children have to experience nightmares
With wide-opened eyes

That their personal data is going to be sold
To make a profit out of their lives

That the sea level is on the rise
Forests are burning

That people take alcohol, tablets, drugs
That they are hurting

They hurt each other and themselves
And live on as if it was normal

As if everything is okay
And they would be immortal

So many spread hatred, instead of love
All they want is power and money

They do not build a better future
Because they do not care about anybody


When birds get ready to fly to the Southern hemisphere
You stare at them and wish for soft white wings
You want to go away for a little while
To rest your head and breathe some sea salt
But you cannot hide somewhere
Or go into hibernation
So, you stay and you fight your battles
You speak your truth and do not allow anybody to tear you down
You bite your lips and blink with your eyes
You keep your smile
And then you start to learn, you learn to grow
You feel that everything is connected
You stop shivering
You are calm and in control
And you can feel your soft white wings
Because they have always been a part of you

My heart whispers your name

Let us create a blasting energy
Stronger than a hurricane
My protons want to dance with your electrons
Show me all unknown stars
I will name every flower after you

We climb all rocks
Hug every tree
Tell me your truth
I give your life a new meaning
We will float on the river of wisdom
Where all questions are answered

Real Love
So deep, you cannot breath
No words can define it
Our souls have never been strangers