Borders, Refugees, and Africa


Some days ago I attended a summer school in peace & conflict studies in the North of Italy. On my way back home, I had to cross the border between Italy and Austria. While I was waiting for my train in Verona’s main station, I noticed two Italian police men. They stood on my track and observed everyone around them. Continue reading “Borders, Refugees, and Africa”


Post-Truth Politics and Post-Factual News

These days, it is nearly impossible to not stumble upon the buzz words “post-factual news” and “post-truth politics.”

Many journalists, scientists and politicians claim that we live in a time where emotions are more important than facts and reasonable arguments. For me, this view is very dangerous. It gives people the permission to end any kind of discussion. It keeps progressive programs and policies on hold. For instance, there are many people who still think that women should not be emancipated because they have the feeling that women are too weak for powerful positions. And some people feel afraid of foreigners because they have heard some worrying stories about them. So, they think that it is better if all foreigners stay far away. Interestingly, these people can only find positive “natural-given” attributes for their own groups because their own groups are the best ones.

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Refugees: Media vs. Reality

I got very scared yesterday evening. As I was walking home, a drunk man walked past me. His face turned red and he repeatedly shouted: “Shit Migrants!”
Luckily, he only looked at me briefly.
I guess my light skin colour protected me.
However, I am a migrant.
One month ago, I moved from Germany to Austria.

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They say

I will be happy
If I do what they want

I should look pretty and young
Domesticate my tongue

I should smile
even if my heart breaks

I should be humble
Hide my inner earth quakes

I should have a great career
It doesn’t matter if I am sincere

I should have it all
But stay empty inside

I can achieve everything
After swallowing my pride

Invisible Walls

When we talk about walls, we usually think about walls made of stones in Israel/Palestine, in Cyprus or the one between the US and Mexico. In my perception, the highest walls are inside our own communities. Every year, they are getting higher and higher. The separation of people is the worst crime, a destruction of the human family. It is not about your nationality, your age, your skin colour or your sexual preference, it is about your income. You can live wherever and how you want if you have the money in your pockets.

The fight is not somewhere out there, it is happening in every city. Through the incrising wealth of some chosen people, all governments are driving their citizens into a dangerous living situation. Especially unemployed young men are taking over the power, they are ruling the neighborhoods. The citizens are left alone. Many of them do not leave their homes after dark anymore. Drug trade, prostitution and corruption are following. They became an attractive business for the youngsters who want to avoid feeling suffocated in a three piece suit, working like a rat in a labyrinthian concrete jungle.

Meanwhile the rich dwell within self contained gated communities on the flip side of the city. There are obvious signs that the rich harbor mistrust of their neighbors. They are fearful, someone could steal their posessions in the next minute. It is raising the question: does wealth really set you free? Or does it force you to live in a golden cage?

Cities are becoming a construction of social separation. Everywhere, we are slowly becoming our own self-made jailers.