Behind Charlottesville: Identity and Material Politics

Much has been said and written about the events in Charlottesville. The documentary “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” (Vice) has left the biggest impression on me. The journalist Elle Reeve was able to interview some neo-Nazis and demonstrate their ridiculous way of thinking. It was shocking to see so many neo-Nazi symbols, and people marching with torches and screaming: “Jews will not replace us.” I really thought that this is something that belongs to the past.  Moreover, the demonstrators were allowed to carry heavy weapons. In the end of the video, one neo-Nazi even said that the demonstration was a big success, even though one woman was killed. Continue reading “Behind Charlottesville: Identity and Material Politics”


Borders, Refugees, and Africa


Some days ago I attended a summer school in peace & conflict studies in the North of Italy. On my way back home, I had to cross the border between Italy and Austria. While I was waiting for my train in Verona’s main station, I noticed two Italian police men. They stood on my track and observed everyone around them. Continue reading “Borders, Refugees, and Africa”

Common Myths about Migration

In the beginning of September, I was one out of 100 participants from 50 countries selected for the IOM Summer School on Migration Studies in Prague, Czech Republic.
IOM, established in 1951, is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and has more than 100 offices worldwide. IOM joined the United Nations on September 19, 2016. The IOM Summer School was a great opportunity for me to gain more knowledge about migration theories and policies. I could discuss the root causes of racism and xenophobia with scientists and share interesting stories with people who work in NGOs, refugee camps and detention centers worldwide.

Continue reading “Common Myths about Migration”

Collective Reality

From childhood on, we develop our individual personality. Especially, in Western countries it is essential to stand out. To have the best degree, a successful career, the most exciting hobbies and the coolest friends.
At the same time, people are more and more unaware of the collective reality. We are all made of the same substance and guided by the same eternal power. But human beings started to produce their own reality.

This individual reality is a very destructive one. As bigger as societies get, the more they can live independantly and suppress others. They are able to distance themselves from others. To destroy, hate and discriminate them. Divide and Rule.
As long as the world is not a place where equality is possible, the chaos will remain. Without balance, there is insecurity, hunger and depression. Only a collective conciousness is able to prevent the world from a total destruction.

Singapore, here we go again

I’ve arrived  in Singapore. Now, I have two entire weeks to absorb the energy of this wonderful and mysterious place! An Asian version of New York, a thrilling island, a cosmoplitan labyrinth, ancient cultures meet technology.
The world is shifting to the East again – the sound, the speed, the hunger are driving the people here.

I’m staying in Little India to work on my first novel and the words are rushing through my head. I am gazing at the beautiful people around me – being a stranger makes me more self-aware. I’m observing what is hidden behind the surface, I am searching for the secrets, the untold stories. What fascinates and upsets me?
I am looking forward to share my thoughts, experiences and visions with you!


“Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”

– Henry Miller

What is normal for you?

We need to stop defining normality. It separates us from each other. We are fearful if someone is different, but we have to fight against our own fears and not against other human beings.
The cosmos and the world are full of beauty. It is time to be aware and to appreciate the human evolution. As soon as we talk about it, we think about it as an entity but right afterwards we separate others from ourselves, our culture or subculture group.
The destruction of the world needs to stop. We have to create a balanced lifestyle and treat each other with compassion and love. We don’t want anyone to harm our families and friends, why should we allow ourselves to harm others?
We could have a paradise on earth, right now we are living in a burning hell. We are all struggling and we are all confused, we are afraid of death but desillusioned about our future.
Respect and Gratefulness should find a safe place in our hearts. The argument that the others are not living the way that we want them to live does not legitimize our own actions and lifestyle. We are responsible, we have the ability to think about ourselves. The tools and like-minded companions are out there.
It is time to worship every day of our life. It is time to realize the divine spirit of every human being.
“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.”

– Albert Einstein